Meeting – Conference

Meeting – Conference

Bali Meeting and Conference

Bali Meeting and Conference Services together with Bali Group Events will provide many conveniences by opening one door service. We provide the best service in organizing your meeting or conference in a professional manner. Thus, all businesses run smoothly and successfully. And also, we have a commitment to provide the best service and give priority to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we work carefully, listen and understand customer requests to execute properly and appropriately.

In addition, Bali Group Events will attend to assist you in organizing your group meeting in Bali. The Bali Meeting and Conference service is our top product with the support of an experienced event team. And also, we are ready to handle your meeting and conference events both locally and internationally.

General Scope of Bali Meeting and Conference

Since we experience in 1998, Bali Group Events has a lot of experience in meeting and conference activities. Bali Meeting and Conference service are covering all meeting and service needs. And also, we are very flexible in handling formal and informal meetings. So, we return everything to the customer’s needs. Our meeting and conference services scope includes.

  • We handle the meeting with trade and professional associations or other groups. It is to promote and discuss meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars as well as trade shows services.
  • Meeting with sponsors and organizing committees to plan the scope and event format. So, we can establish budgets and review the administrative procedures and progress of events.
  • Service coordination for events includes accommodations, transportation, and conferences. And also, we manage other facilities includes catering, signage, displays, translations, special needs requirements, audiovisual equipment, entertainment, printings until security.
  • Organizing the registration of group participants, prepare programs and promotional material until publishing the events.
  • Planning the entertainment and social gatherings for group participants.
  • Hiring, training and supervising all event staff.
  • To ensure compliance with required by laws.
  • Negotiating contracts for services and approve suppliers’ invoices. And also, we maintain financial records and review final billing to submit to the clients.

Our Services

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  • Proving the logistic production for meeting and conference. It is including the invitation, manual/handouts, booklet/flyer/brochure as well as gifts
  • Our team has the ability to create concepts to arrange backdrops, stage, and decoration.
  • Transportation management in Bali includes airport pickup, arrangement of land and sea transportation.
  • Book accommodations, meeting rooms from the ballroom to the breakout room.
  • The task of the secretary is to handle the registration of the delegation with Hi-Tech on the hospitality desk
  • Arrangement of meeting or conference event. This includes rundown events and meeting facilities such as sound systems, food, drinks, stationery, etc.
  • Providing the Master of Ceremony and Security arrangement for Meeting and Conference.
  • Taking care of the event permit to related parties
  • Providing the Liaison Officer (LO) service or expert Usher to support your event.
  • Documentation services include photography and videography. And moreover, the photo booth.
  • Serve the spouse of the delegation for off-site activities such as tours, social activities or others.
  • Organize a gala dinner, team building, tour or CSR