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Bali Group Events provides comprehensive group event services including transportation, hotels, meetings, incentive trips, exhibitions, and offsite activities. Furthermore, we are here to assist you in preparing your agenda so that it can run smoothly and successfully. Our service is to prioritize quality to make your group events run according to the agenda. On the other hand, Bali Group Events provides offsite activities for groups such as golf tours, team building, social activities (CSR), tours, adventures, etc. So, you will stop in one place to shop for your group’s event needs.

In addition, our team comes from talented young people with high dedication to make your event happen in Bali. Of course, they are experienced in handling group events and are fully supported by the team of our production events. So, this will clear your doubts about appointing us as an event organizer for your group event in Bali. For that, do not hesitate to contact our team via email or WA or our other social media.

Bali Group Event Organizser

Our Foundations

  • High technology and the latest equipment to support speed, effectiveness, and efficiency in communicating is our primary basis in running the event.
  • Professional database management by our creative, innovative and well-mannered personnel. So, it is our precious and endless asset.
  • Proactive and open communications among departments are the key to facilitate company management.
  • Pre-con meeting and rehearsal is a must for our personnel to stabilize the event implementation by understanding their job description and specification completely.

Business Headline of Bali Group Events

Meetings and Conferences

bali meetings, bali conferences, bali group events

Our professional teams will work together with the people staff to organize your group meeting in order to achieve the goals. Furthermore…

Team Building Activities

bali team building, bali group events

We will encourage you to the exciting game that improves the mentality, restore the togetherness, leadership. And also, you will enjoy the fantastic experience of Team Building Programs. Furthermore…

Bali Educational Trips

bali education trips, bali group events

Educational Programs are designed for every group with educational purposes and can be combined with leisure programs. Furthermore…

Unique Tours

bali unique tours

We design the unique tours with impression experience through the group members which are out of usual tour arrangements. Furthermore…

Product Launching

bali product launching

We support any of the new products launching in appointed venue involving the preparations, human resources, event permit and furthermore…


bali exhibition

We serve the services of exhibition management in line with industries, trading, meetings, and conference in several venues. Furthermore…

Incentive Group

bali incentive trips, bali group events

Incentive Group Program is a tailor-made program to firm your group events and activities are successful with a memorable one. Furthermore…

Golf Tour and Tournament

bali golf tours. golf tournaments

Five golf courses are ready in Bali to serve your golf tournaments with the selection of tournament styles on the beautiful green. And also, we will make your group event successfully in Bali Island. Furthermore…

Special Events

bali special events

We are delighted to encourage your group into the exciting programs to firm a memorable experience during vacation in Bali. Furthermore…

Event Production Support

bali event productions

We provide complete products to support your event in Bali including the installation, transportation, operation and etc. Furthermore…

Sport Events

bali sport events

We can arrange the sporting event locally and international from the venue appointment, logistic, productions until the ceremonial and furthermore…

Souvenirs and Gifts

bali souvenirs

We offer the selection of souvenirs or gifts for each of your group members and presented in a good and valuable firm. Furthermore…